Lake of the Ozarks Best Ocean Fish & Steak Restaurant

Although it has existed for over 25 years J.B. Hook’s restaurant and bar has not always had the same name. Initially the restaurant was called Captain Hook’s, but was later changed to Krazo’s. Our current owners, John LaFata and Bruce Elliott, opened the restaurant as J.B. Hook’s in February of 1995. Tragically, a fire blazed through the restaurant in May of 1995 destroying much of the building. After months of rebuilding the restaurant reopened in September of 1995.

Since reopening several architectural changes and additions were made to the restaurant. First the lower kitchen and sunset room were added to offer a lunch menu. A dock and tram was built, making the restaurant accessible by water. Unfortunately, due to the growth of the lake and increased water traffic the dock and tram are no longer available. With the construction of the toll bridge in the late 1990’s, the residents of the Shawnee Bend area were given convenient access to enjoy the superb dining experience of J.B. Hook’s. With a 14-mile panoramic view of the beautiful lake and the excellent fine dining, the restaurant has evolved into what our valued and respected customers know today as the award winning J.B. Hook’s.